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First Month is Absolutely Free.

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We provide service in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, and South Carolina. (service not available in all areas).

The MVP PLUS Plan: FIRST MONTH FREE. Additional Months only $36.95 per month (plus taxes and fees) after your FREE MONTH. Includes Local Line, Unlimited Local Calling, Unlimited Toll Free Calling, E911 Service, Call Waiting with I.D., Deluxe Caller I.D., *69, Three way calling, FREE 100 minutes of Long Distance, and FREE Directory Assistance.

CALL 1-800-308-8585 for your FIRST MONTH FREE!

MVP PLUS from All American Home Phone is GUARANTEED, regardless of your past due bills, other credit problems or any other circumstances. And, we don't care if you owe money to another phone company. Just CALL 1-800-308-8585 and we'll hook you up - no questions asked.

Your First Month is Free and the service is the same high quality phone service you get from the major phone companies. Anything you could do with your old phone line you can do with an All American Home PhoneSM telephone line.

You get unlimited local calling, can call toll free, can use E911 service, use a fax machine, call long distance using our long distance service (you get 100 FREE minutes of long distance EVERY MONTH) or any long distance calling card and you can receive calls from all over the world without restrictions!

You'll get your new phone service fast - usually within 3 - 5 business days or less.

If you still have a dial tone, you can most likely KEEP YOUR SAME PHONE NUMBER and switch for ONE FREEMONTH. If you have already been disconnected - NO PROBLEM! We can still give you great service - We GUARANTEE IT

Call us today at 1-800-308-8585. While we offer our service wherever possible, All American Home Phoneis not available in all areas.

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